I18n group strings in language file

Hi I am introducing a second language into my project. It was fairly straighforward to set up. But I have a lot of strings to translate, so I was trying to group them, but it seems go-i18n is expecting a pretty rigid structure.

So I wanted to have something like the following in my de.yaml:

     other: "My awesome thing"
     other: "Get started"
     other: "Something about us...."
     other: "Learn more..."

But this leads to errors: failed to load translations: unable to parse translation #0 because missing "translation" key map[id:header]

Is there no way to group the strings, so I can have namespace my string keys? How do I go about this?

So you want to do something like this?

{{ T "header.teaser.other" }} and get My awesome thing out?

I guess it won’t work because "header.teaser.other" is a string.

I would fake it like this:

id: header_teaser_other
   - translation: "My awesome thing"

The error code refers to the fact that what you have put into the yaml does not contain an id which the translation code keys on. So maybe if you pop that in there something will work?