I want to insert an unordered list into a table. But it does not show

I want to include a table in one post on my blog. It is shown in Figure 1 below. But when I enter a list, it looks like two figures. How can this problem be solved?

| Client Portal                       |

- View and download new reports

- Trend patient analyte data using a full patient database

- Easily print sample requisitions and barcodes |

| ----------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------ |

| Laboratory Information System (LIS) | Drug consistency checksBatch processing for convenient sample result importing, and side by side screens for approving results and reportsQC trends and Levey Jennings plots |

| Claims Management                   | Electronic sending and receiving 837 and 835 formsEasy tracking of bill amounts, payment amounts by primary & secondary insurance providers, patient responsibility amounts, and write downsAutomatic claim scrubbing |

| Real-time Business Intelligence     | All your important information at your fingertips in easy to view report and dashboardsRun your practice more optimally by drilling down on all the key informationThe ability to set up custom role specific dashboards; out of the box roles including lab technician, sales management, account/territory manager , revenue officer, and lab manager |

Markdown tables are quite complicated.

I would suggest having a look at this shortcode and refactoring as per your needs and see how it goes.

If all else fails you could always include the desired table output as raw HTML in a content file, in this case make sure to enable the unsafe: true setting in the Markup Cofiguration for the raw HTML to be published.

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