I thought Hugo was all local?

I thought Hugo was all 'local based, simply build the website locally, then deploy to an external website. However my assumption was incorrect, as recently we had no internet, no mobile, heavy storms, so I thought I would do some 'local content building with Hugo. But Hugo server wanted access to the internet, so I was unable to run the server ‘locally’.

Is there an easy method to inform Hugo NOT to access the internet ? It seems not, as I see there are scripts, etc that are accessed from external sites.

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Hugo itself works locally. If your theme however uses an external CDN to link to for instance jQuery JS or Bootstrap CSS or any other library that it uses, then this requires an internet connection. Check your theme files for everything starting with http:// or https:// and download the files that are linked there and replace their call with one to the local location of these files. Then you are “really” local.


Thanks @gethugothemes . I ran a ‘find’ and of course there are many http:// and https:// requests that are simply a reference to a URI and not te basis of a call as such.

I then tried the suggestions at networking - How to inspect outgoing HTTP requests of a single application? - Ask Ubuntu , but the permissions were a problem and messed up the output. So as it is a browser making the requests, I might try a few of the suggestions at firefox log all http requests at DuckDuckGo , and of course make sure all other Firefox sessions are closed.

Thanks for your help.

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