Hugo on web host and Template

Is it pssible to run hugo on a web hosing without ssh access. Also can I use spf13 template and how to modify it?

Hugo builds static sites which can be used on every host, even without ssh access.

Unlike a system like Wordpress where the application runs on the web server, Hugo is designed to run on your local machine and then you copy the files to the server of your choosing.

@jatinluthra14 You can host it for free on GitHub pages if you’re already using GitHub for source control. This might make your life easier if you want to be able to build/serve locally, make changes locally, or use the simple GH UI to make changes to content files. Here is the tutorial.

@rdwatters Thanks I’ll try it.
@spf13 Ok. Also I asked if I can use template. And also how to modify it like adding javascripts etc.

The README of the @spf13’s site contains the copyright information regarding his personal site:


The following files and directories including their contents are Copyright Steve Francia, or their respective copyright holders:

  • content/
  • static/media/
  • static/static/fonts/
  • static/favicon.ico
  • static/apple-touch-icon.png

All other directories and files are MIT Licensed unless clearly
designated otherwise.

Feel free to use the HTML and CSS as you please.
If you do use anything here, a link back to would be appreciated.

@digitalcraftsman Thanks for reply but how to add a javascript to top of main page?

If you are using @spf13’s theme it would be the best to include them in this partial.

Copy your Javascript file here and link it with a usual HTML in the partial aforementioned partial:

<script src="/static/js/<FILENAME.js>" type="text/javascript"></script>

Thanks it worked. One more thing can I remove the copyright at the last?

Do just want to change the current copyright? Just replace this line in the config file with a text you like.

If you want to remove the copyright completly or you want to customize it (e.g. show the current year dynamically instead of hardcoding it) you have to change the footer partial itself.

I know how to I was just asking if I can? I mean permission.

By interpreting the license of @spf13 I would save you can use all HTML and CSS parts under the MIT license. Something like Powered by Hugo in the footer would be great to promote the project but it’s optional.

I have retained powered by Hugo but removed everything related to SPF in footer.Is it okay?

Steve wrote that everything is released under the MIT license execpt the following folders:


Since the layouts folder with all templates is not part of this list, you can use it under the MIT license, i.e. you can do what you want with it.

I would a with the text of the MIT License to your project if your make your modifed version publicly avialable.

Furthermore he states:

In conclusion: yes it is fine to use the theme of his website for your own projects.

Where to get

Create a new file called and copy the license text from here.

I would suggest to add your and @spf13’s name the copyright holders in the license:

Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Steve Francia (spf13)
Copyright (c) 2016      jatinluthra14

Thanks I’ll do it Do I have to just keep the in web root or posts folder? One more favour please what is the procedure to load disqus comments from scratch? Thanks

If you host the source code of your website for example on Github it’s usual to store files like visible in the root folder of your website/repository.

What do you mean? If you want to use the comment system with out own username you have to change the disqusShortname in the config file.

Next create Disqus account (if you did not so far). In order to get Disqus running on your site you need to add your site to Disqus. Look here to do so.

I have created my account. Now at installation page which platform to choose?

Wait it automatically worked
@digitalcraftsman Thanks Is there any way to pm you?

According to this screencast you’ve to choose Universal Code as platform. This makes sense since you don’ use any of the other services. But I haven’t done it myself so far.

Thanks Is there any way to pm you?

If the questions are still related to Hugo you can click on my forum profile at the message button in the top right.