Using hugo to live-serve an existing website?

So I have a series of local static web files. A main html file with supporting resources, all contained in a directory. It was not made with hugo.

I’ve just stumbled on hugo and would love to use it to watch my folder for edits and serve it with livereload on file edition. Is this possible? I’ve been fiddling with hugo help and the online documentation, but it seems unclear.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Just put them in the static directory and edit as usual.

Sorry, I think I need a little more direction than that… I can’t get live reloading to work, whether with --watch or without. :-/

What you are asking is pretty far outside Hugo’s core use cases. It should work fine, but you’ll have to read the documentation. Clue: You will have to create a Hugo site with only content in /static.

I’ve read quite a bit of the documentation. But something’s not right. I think there’s a bug, because after lots of toying around, I got it to work by manually including a script tag for /livereload.js. I’ve filed a bug on github.