Implementing sharing buttons to Hugrid - lost in jquery

Hi All - I’ve long had my eyes on Hugrid to launch a site ( But the key thing it lacks is sharing buttons such as Facebook and Pinterest. My goal is to have sharing links appear to the right of the “Get the theme” buttons that you can see once you have a grid item expanded.

I posted once here about my desire to use Hugo/Hugrid and people suggested I learn a bit of HTML and CSS beforehand. I’ve done that (even created a small scratch site of my own) and now I’m slowly crawling my way through jQuery lessons. But I’m somewhat impatient and would like to humbly ask for some assistance to speed up this launch for me.

I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own but to no avail. My problem is that I cannot seem to get the sharing URL within each ‘grid’. No matter where i put href as a test, it’s always appearing outside of the grid blocks when nothing is expanded. And when I try to manipulate the scripts.html file inside the partials folder, i break it lol.

Would anyone be able to lend a helping hand or be able to give me some breadcrumbs so I can learn it somewhat on my own? From what I gather, i’d need to add the specific sharing link to the items.toml file and then reference that using handlebars in the index.html file (i did manage that successfully but again, appearing outside the expanded views). But then im lost on what /where I would need to edit in the scripts.html file :worried:

If you feel like helping, thank you very very much!

Best way to see this implementation is by browsing the Github repo of a Hugo theme that has sharing buttons.

No need to reinvent the wheel for something this trivial.

For example download the repo of the Hucore theme: