Hugo Website compatiility with Mobile ,Tablet

Hello Folks,

I am new to Hugo and would like to know more about compatibility of websites designed in Hugo for mobiles and tablets. I would like to know specifically below points:

  1. Performance
  2. Aesthetics

Any link to the documentation which elaborates above things would be great help. Thanks in advance!

You are talking about themes

You should communicate directly with theme builders.

For performance of things under the hood (no front end): that’s here

designed in Hugo for mobiles and tablets.

These are the themes with are tagged (by their authors) to be responsive:


You mean performance for the visitor of the site?

Seek for a theme with support for image processing. There are some themes which deliver e.g. 4000x3000 jpg’s and let the browser scale them down to 400x300. If bandwidth is limited (on mobiles) performance for first time visitors may be affected.
Check a theme demo site via e.g. via
Optimize images should be listed under Optimizations Already Present



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I’d also like to mention and for that.

thanks for the inputs. I will try this

Thanks @regis