Discovering Hugo Web Monetization Component for Author Payments Who Try it?

Hello everyone,
I just came across this: hugo-web-monetization. From what I understand, it enables a Hugo site to identify an author in the front-matter so that they can receive payment?

Who try it ?

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Be careful though it doesn’t really protect the exclusive content. Someone can read the protected content in the DOM. There’s a warning about it on the website.

I think this is a good feature though.

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All that stuff seems to do is set a display: none block on the “exclusive content”. That’s not “protection” but obfuscation, and a very simplistic one at that. To read the content, it’s sufficient to change the attribute to block again in the browser’s developer tools. Easier than reading the text in the DOM, I think.

I used to use Coil, until it sadly closed down last year. It was a good idea and I used it on my site by disabling adverts on the site if someone had the Coil browser extension running. No need to create an account or login or anything like that. It was super simple, shame it never caught on and become more popular.

I write a bit about it here (Monetizing your Content with Coil | Christian Oliff). Right now none of these services will work, but hopefully something similar will start up again some time.