Hugo vs flat-file CMS


recently I was testing web-based editor at Forestry, but although support did contact me in regard to my issue, I was not overly happy - pages did not preview, there was problem with publishing to my site and the whole project is not open-source.

That led me to consider things like Grav which does fall in the category of flatr-file CMS-es…and it brings (again) dependency on PHP.

One of the reasons to use things like Grav is availability of web UI allowing not so savvy users to publish articles online. It can be convenient for me as well, but it’s not ‘killer’ feature, although I’m, still not clear enough about the recommended Hugo workflow when there are several content-creators?

Another concern is that for our non-profit site we would like to have calendar publishing. One problem is that there is still open issue for ownCloud which could probably solve that requirement elegantly. Within Hugo this is mentioned in another topic and there is Github issue in regard.

Considering that it is not (yet) certain that ownCloud will get the feature in 9.1 and not being sure what is the status within Hugo in regard, I wonder if anyone has idea about some possible workaround(s)?

I’d like to keep things simple and stay with Hugo avoiding to go (back) to PHP world and do some compromises in regard to the lack of web UI, if possible.