Hugo - the browser extension you really want!

Hey Friends!

Today I launched a Hugo Google Chrome Extension on Product Hunt. If you think it’s interesting, please feel free to upvote or share.

I built many websites with Hugo daily and I’m always looking for cool things to do around Hugo. I decided to make a Chrome extension and started off very basic. This extension currently has just two features:

  1. When browsing a website built with Hugo, the extension icon will “light up”.
  2. You can search the Hugo documentation from Chrome’s Omnibox (the address bar).

From those interested, I’d like to receive feedback and feature requests for how this Chrome extension can be improved to help you. Please feel free to discuss here or open an Issue on the GitHub repository.

One of the future features I’m excited about will be the ability to send a Hugo related blog post that you’re reading and interested in automatically to the Hugo Newsletter making it easier to curate interesting content.

Here’s relavent links:


First impression: Very good and very helpful in this state for quick searching the docs. I like the Tab-Functionality in the URL bar to find certain parts in the docs.

Great work. I’ll test more and let you know.

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It doesn’t seem to be showing the website I am developing as being a Hugo site. I guess I am missing at tag or something in my header? Anyone know what that is?

Edit: I guess it is:

<meta name="generator" content="Hugo 0.51">

Yes the Hugo “generator” tag needs to be rendered on your site, which many Hugo themes do. Would you be able to link me to one of your sites that’s not working?

I added the code manually and your plugin is picking it up fine. Thanks.

I think the generator meta tag is only included on the site’s home page by default. So it could be that the chrome extension was viewing a page that wasn’t the home page, and didn’t pick it up.

I guess too that some custom layouts/themes explicitly put that generator meta tag in their baseof.html so it would show on all pages.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

I created my site from scratch, so was never added, even to the homepage. It’s all good now though. I just added the following and all works perfectly:

{{ $.Hugo.Generator }}


When I get to updating the extension’s docs, I’ll make sure to bring {{ $.Hugo.Generator }} up. Thanks everyone.

This is really awesome, @FelicianoTech. Thanks for building this.

That said, seems like the search doesn’t work for me currently in OSX Chrome “Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit).” See screenshot:


I need to improve the documentation at some point. Right now you need to type the trigger which is hugo, press tab, the letter ‘d’ for docs, a space, and then your search terms.

The reason for the ‘d’ there is because in the future, I’ll have it so that you can use ‘t’ for themes, maybe ‘f’ for forums, etc.


hugo<tab>d <search terms>

I hope that helps.

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