Hugo ShortCode Library?


Hugo’s shortcode system is quite powerful, it is easily one of the biggest reasons why Hugo is my best option for blogging.

I’m wondering if there is any places for people to share their shortcode with each other. It would be quite nice if we could simply take fancy shortcode by borrowing others’ work.



I collected some shortcodes there:

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Had a similar thought, since I kept having to dig back through old repos to find “that one shortcode I remember exists but not where it is or how it was made”.

I put a bunch of the common ones I find myself repeatedly using on the Hugo Shortcodes Library site - would love to see what others contribute! I aim to have them be generic and usable on most any site, unless explicitly called out for use with a framework like Bootstrap Table - needs Bootstrap CSS.

Would love to see something like this become part of the official project. It would deprecate my site, but it would get better adoption and become way more useful!

Linking to a few relevant discussions here for those who stumble on this in the future:

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