Best way to share shortcodes / snippets etc.?

I am having a great time working with Hugo, I’ve been making various shortcodes and am wondering what is the best way to share them? A theme is way over the top, and they’re probably not generic enough to warrant being a built-in shortcode.

Would it be worth my time to create a new “Helpful Shortcodes” section of the docs, much like the Themes section? Some of the shortcodes I’d like to contribute:


Generates HTML with a mobile-phone frame and adaptive imagery

{{< mobile src="mobile.png" class="dark responsive" alt="FlowVRP Mobile App" >}}


{{< desktop icon="fas fa-rocket" title="With title and Icon" >}}
  <h1>Any Content</h1>
{{< /desktop >}}


{{< csv src="data.csv" rows="4" filename="Example Data.csv" >}}

Desktop + CSV

These can be combined to good effect:

{{< desktop class="dark nopadding" color="#217246" icon="fas fa-file-excel" title="Excel Spreadsheet" >}}
  {{< csv src="data.csv" rows="4" >}}
{{< /desktop >}}

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I would recommend making them into Theme Components. Here’s a nice example by @martignoni

And another nice example by @kaushalmodi


Aha, this is fantastic - a theme component answers a few questions (such as including static assets etc.). Cheers @zwbetz

…still, the showcase doesn’t list theme components - or if it does, not in a meaningful manner.

I’ll publish my work as theme components, but also look to see if there’s a better way to get them to a wider audience.

I just love the short codes you described. I would love to be able to use them. Are they on github?

It’s a private repo and relies on Hugo pipes to generate the SCSS - ultimately I’m not sure how to organise a theme-component that has both Shortcode, custom SCSS pipeline and a light requirement for an icon library that hijacks the <i> element… The SCSS depends on my WIP framework ( so needs to be decoupled before it can be shared. For my own development purposes I find it a lot quicker to work with the framework. Plus the resulting CSS is pretty damn light.

I imagine there’s a tonne of snippets, shortcodes and themes that heavily rely on Bootstrap - a coupling that I find irritating. Even the hugo built-in paginator has “bootstrap-compatible styles”. Shame. As such I don’t know how I’d feel about releasing something that forces people to use my framework…

Maybe the best approach is to have a site-wide variable that dictates the classnames used for these components, ie:

css-framework: bootstrap | flowcss | bulma | etc.

Ideas on a postcard