Hugo local development serve stopped working

yesterday I was developing my personal website with Hugo just find but suddenly today the local development stopped working and I can’t view http://localhost:1313 anymore it displays an error on the browser as This site can’t be reached.
I hadn’t make any changes to my PC no update not software install nothing. I have tried to remove Hugo and installed again but no luck also new project have the same issue.
BTW I have installed Hugo with apt on ubuntu.

I’m running WSL2 ubuntu 20.04 on windows 10.

Thank you in advanced.

When you run hugo server, does it tell you the site is at localhost:1313 or another port? I heard recently that in some configurations on Windows the 1313 port gets blocked by another application. You obviously need to load the other port then in your browser. If it says 1313 in the output, then try (on the ubuntu subsystem, not windows) ping localhost:1313. If it responds, then the ports between your Windows and the Ubuntu subsystem are not “connected”. I have no Windows to test myself but this seems an issue with that Ubuntu-in-Windows system.

There is a discourse for WSL on the Ubuntu site that might be a better place to ask, but try my suggestions first.

its tells me its at http://localhost:1313.

for the ping in cmd returns “Ping request could not find host localhost:1313. Please check the name and try again”

other servers like gulp server or apache2 runs just fine I believe its Hugo problem.

thank you for responding.

Yeah it seems like the port 1313 its blocked or used in windows I have just now runned hugo server -p 8000 and its works just fine.

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