Hugo server Vs WAMP sever: a question of URL

Hello, new with Hugo here. I am building a multilingual (EN-FR) website with Hugo v0.79.1 and the Toha theme.
I build it local and plan to upload the Public folder to a host when it will be ready.
Eveything runs perfect when I run the ‘‘hugo server’’ command.
I planed to test it on a local install of a WAMP server, before the final upload to the host provider. So I installed WAMP, and run the ‘‘hugo’’ command , to create the Public folder, which I put in the www. folder of WAMP. On click to the index.html file
( /www/public/index.html), the home page is displayed perfect, like it should.
But… when I try to navigate to the posts folder, for example, the site is displayed without the css, and the adress bar shows : (/www/public/posts)
If I type the adress by hand, like: (/www/public/posts.html) the site displays the right folder correctly.
When I am on this correctly displayed folder (/www/public/posts.html) and try to come back to the home page, by clicking on the site title, it fails .
The display shows a tree view of the site folders, without css, and the adress is :
( /www/public/) while it should be: (/www/public/index.html )
I suspect a question of Urls.

I have modified the top of my ‘‘config.yaml’’ file like this:

For use with Hugo built in server :
relativeURLs: true
uglyURLs: false
baseURL: “/”

For use with Public fold and WAMP :
relativeURLs: true
uglyURLs: true
baseURL: “/”

Could somebody point me to the right direction, please?

BTW if you are in need of genuine EN to FR translations, PM me, I would be happy to help :slight_smile:

Since you uploaded the “public” directory to “www” the actual baseURL becomes “/public/” and not “/”.

Instead upload the content of the public directory to “www” and it should work.

P.S. You really should set the baseURL to the actual URL of the site.

Thank you frjo :slight_smile:
I tried A LOT of solutions ( “/public/” or, “/” or and none of them worked.
Only the home page is displayed correctly.
The other pages are displayed without css.
I will come back latter on this.

Back with a little more time… To sum up:
Changes in the baseUrl did nothing.
The home page is displayed perfect with this address
with everything functional, at the condition that the config.yaml is topped with :
relativeURLs: true
uglyURLs: true

As soon as I try to navigate to the post page through the menu
or, to the alternate language section of the home page,
the site is dispayed without css.

Curiously: if I type the correct address by hand :
Everything is displayed perfect, with the right css. The navigation inside the post folder is perfectly functional , in each language, through the menu, with .js functions loaded ( lightbox2)
I am a little lost…
Thank you for your time.