Hugo server speed - Windows vs Mx Linux

I just noticed a massive improvement in Hugo build speed between Windows 10 (with hugo.exe excluded in antivirus) and MX Linux (dual booted in same PC). The site below (multilingual) builds in 105 seconds in first round and no less than 30 seconds in subsequent builds with Windows 10. MX Linux builds the site in 9-10 seconds! Is there a way to diagnose this discrepancy?

  Pages            |  690 | 459  
  Paginator pages  |   27 |   6  
  Non-page files   |  221 |  40  
  Static files     |    6 |   6  
  Processed images | 1098 | 185  
  Aliases          |   88 |  85  
  Cleaned          |    0 |   0 

Two columns? Multisite? Or win vs mx :slight_smile:

Differnce in --renderToMemory
What about --templateMetrics

This could be a difference between operating systems, you could find more references by searching Linux Windows performance. If you work mainly on Windows, WSL2 is a better choice than dual boot.

First as always on windows:

  • try aftrr fresh boot
  • use taskmanager to see whats running, memory and disk utilization … while hugo processes

Theres a process monitor in sysinternals suite
Where you can deep dive.

Guess MX is also performing better than windows on a low resource PC

If you post a link i could do a check an my machine

Those are languages.

I am mostly a writer/researcher, so Firefox/Office/VS Code is what I use most. I am actually looking to ditch Windows due to the End of Life announcement.

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