What impact does your computer/processor/ram/etc. have on Hugo build time?

I’m working from a 9-year-old MacBook Pro, couldn’t even tell you the specs.

As I’m not familiar with Go and how Hugo compiles when running server, how much of an impact does running a more powerful computer have on Hugo’s build time? Am I going to see much of a difference with a tricked-out new machine? Has there been benchmarking on this?

Hope that’s a justifiable question :slight_smile:

For example, when I run a hugo build on my macbook pro, I get a massive site built in about 30 seconds. On the production server, a virtual machine with less ram and processor, it takes over 2 minutes.

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When you use hugo to build you can benchmark with:

      --stepAnalysis           display memory and timing of different steps of the program
      --templateMetrics        display metrics about template executions
      --templateMetricsHints   calculate some improvement hints when combined with --templateMetrics
  -v, --verbose                verbose output
      --verboseLog             verbose logging

then compare old to new.


I’m running mostly on a 2015 MacBook 13 inch with 8 gigs of ram, so not super fast (which I think helps holding me a little grounded when it comes to Hugo development).

In general I would say that

  • Hugo needs a failr amount of memory to run well. There have been posts here from user(s) who use Hugo with “notepad type” of PCs to do presentations. Using hugo server --renderToDisk was a solution for that scenario.
  • Also, most of Hugo’s processing is performed concurrently, so more CPUs/cores will help.
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Thanks for the insight.