Cannot view site running hugo server

I have a hugo site where it is live and I have cloned the github repo to desktop to make some changes. I’m able to push changes back to github, however, it the deploy fails on netlify. I suspect something to do with theme, as I do not see any files under this folder, and the error on netlify refers to theme.

Trying to troubleshoot this…so to start I noticed response about “can you see your site running hugo server”. I’ve tried and I cannot see my site.

As mentioned, the site is live and I have cloned files to my desktop from repo, so not sure why I could not see site when running hugo server. Any ideas?

Your site appears to be using a theme called ‘Bootstrapious’ which has been ported to Hugo by DevCows, who have named it ‘hugo-universal-theme’.

In your local site folder, do you have a folder called ‘themes’.
If you do I think it should contain a folder called ‘hugo-universal-theme’

If it does not then there are instructions for installing the theme on the devcows repo:

This may get it working on your local installation. However it might not get it working on Netlify as I am not sure that the theme folder content will push back to your github repo.