Hugo organization and/or embracing Asciidoc(tor)go

As it can be seen here and there there is interest to get support for Asciidoc(tor) support in Hugo.

There is even experimental support provided by Anthony, but with the disclaimer that it might be slow due to using Ruby version of Asiidoc(tor) implementation.

The ‘original’ Go port is stalled with no intention from its’ author site to progress further. Moreover, Ciaran’s fork also does not look very active.

Considering what impact could proper the implementation of Asciidoc(tor) in Go have on the speed and overall functionality of Hugo, my proposal is to creat Hugo organization and/or embrace Asciidoctor port to Go as ‘official’ project giving signal to every potential contributor to Hugo to consider work on it as well.

At the moment, I’m starting with Go and will certainly consider to help in regard according to my skills.

What do you think?

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@gour how about trying to finish the Go port of AsciiDoc(tor)? I saw that you initiated a thread at AsciiDoctor discuss as well about this.

Writing on my Hugo based site requires a lot of work, especially when it comes to images or blockquotes, so it has become mundane. Thinking of switching to AsciiDoc (MD really lacks features), but with asciidoctor it seems slow.

No Go port of AsciiDoc is there yet, I feel like giving it a shot as I am free for a couple of months.

Shout out anyone interested in discussing/collaborating on this.


I really would like to contribute in some way. I already did a golang wrapper around asciidoctor to build our own static content generator. Indeed asciidoctor is incredibly slow and would be great to port it in go and improve the project. Let me know your idea.

Hi @mastrolinux

There are two projects already that aimed to port AsciiDoc to Go, but are inactive – and (latter extends the former).

I feel we should start by surveying them a bit to figure where things stand. If there aren’t any major issues with design/architecture we can try to finish them instead of starting from scratch.

What do you think?


I’m considering to fully move to Asciidoc(tor) format for all my writings including (slide-show) presentations and just found out that there is now a Python3 port available, so maybe using that with some Python compiler like e.g. Nuitka, Cython etc. could make things significantly quicker?