Asciidoctor Server

I came up with asciidoctor-server to try improve the integration between asciidoctor and hugo. If you couldn’t guess by the name it uh … runs asciidoctor as a server.

I use asciidoctor and hugo together, and really enjoy the combo. However, the performance is quite poor since hugo forks a process per file. Asciidoctor has a long startup time, in the 100’s of ms, and this adds up.

I’d appreciate as much feedback and assistance as possible (the installation instructions make me cringe). Try it out on your own websites, and see if you get a noticeable speedup. This is a very rough project, not ready for production yet (and will probably never be, outside of the simplest websites and/or local builds). If you don’t have a large body of asciidoc content to try this out with, you can convert existing markdown to asciidoc.


I would have been very interested in this a few years ago, when I had this project in my hands:

There you have a big content with Hugo+Asciidoc and yes, the delays are really frustrating when building that.

I can’t really dive into this again currently, I am way too busy with other things. But I would like to thank you, encourage you, and if you want to run some tests with that repo, maybe I can try and get the people currently using that involved.

I benchmarked your site with/without my solution.
I needed to fix a few things first, since hugo has made some breaking changes since your last updated your site.

Normally, it took 60-65 seconds to build. With asciidoctor-server it took 10-12 seconds.

You can see the changes I made to fix the site and install the server under my fork.
GitHub - hybras/SuiteDocs at asciidoctor-server.

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Wow! That is a magnificent improvement! :exploding_head:

And thanks for taking the trouble of working on the site, it hasn’t gotten much love lately, they should really upgrade Hugo etc

I’m on the road right now, but in a few days I’ll try and generate some movement to include this!

I hope this works well on Netlify when deploying :crossed_fingers: