Optimal markup format


I’m migrating my sites from Python-powered static-site-generator where I use reST markup to Hugo…reST did makes sense in the Python world although reST has its own gotchas - e.g. inability to express bold-italic:

**_bold italic_**

without resorting to replacement mechanisms which is not pretty.

Recent addition of support for org-mode has made me think that org-mode could be the best option considering I’m already using Emacs/org-mode for my task management, but then I discovered that it has problems with e.g. inline markup within quoted paragraphs - see this example and proposed solution which makes things more complicated/smooth than desired.

This leaves me with the markdown which is well supported, but ties one to the specific dialect or to use AsciiDoc(tor) which is very attractive format suitable for all kinds of documentation and not only for blog posts and/or web content.

I’m aware there is no native implementation to parse AsciiDoc(tor) and nothing seems to be on the horizon (although that would be terrific), but possibly Hugo is still quick-enough with AsciiDoc(tor) markup in comparison with other static-site-generators…moreover, speed is only one of the many virtues of Hugo…

Converting one of my old blogs to AsciiDoc shows it is not so slow, but the sample is not very big, so wonder if someone can share his/her experience using Hugo with Asciidoc(tor) on the sites with >few hundred posts?

Any other idea?