How to donate to Hugo?

Is there a way to donate money? Didn’t see a link.


Friendly bump to @bep.

No, there currently is no way to donate money to the project.

We would need a legal entity to collect money on behalf of “the Hugo project”. We have been talking about it.

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Ah okay. Well I’ll be ready to donate if it happens. I’m trying to contribute this weekend but I only have so much time so contributing financially might help as well.

Patreon might be interesting as well.

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Agreed. I would throw some cash in since I haven’t been able to contribute anything substantive to the docs in months.

Donations are a great idea, and I am all for it. It would be good if there was some clear acknowledgement \ transparency of what \ who we are donating for before we do though.

For example, are the donations for features, maintenance, infrastructure or Bep’s time. I’m not overly fussed on those examples, but some indication is a pre-requisite for me.

I hope we get donation features in place so they can support future growth of Hugo, not after the fact when momentum already became reduced. It would be a shame, I think, if better funded projects would surpass Hugo.


I found this thread looking how to donate to Hugo (it’s the third result on Google for “donate hugo”). And I noticed that pressing the Sponsor button on the GitHub linked to sponsoring @bep which is fair as the founder, but I’d still like to donate to the project itself / community who supports it. Now that Hugo has 50k+ stars on GitHub maybe it’s time to formalize it and accept donations formally to say a foundation?