How to get content/ rendered


I use hugo for very, very small site and I would like to have just content/ and couple of pages without actually creating any subdirectories. Is this possible? I understand from the documentation there are some rules for the directory structure, however I really don’t want to create subdirectories.



hugo new
hugo new
hugo new

Resulting structure:


Well I tried that, it does not generate anything for me.

$ ls public/
CNAME  favicon.ico  index_assets  js        version-2.3
css    fonts        index.html    versions  404.html

Please share your repository so we can look at your templates, configuration, etc.

Sure, thank you. The code is here:

The site is here:

My goal is to create:

When I create the md files, nothing is actually rendered.

This is my very first hugo site, so there is probably lot of problems, feel free to point out on those because I am struggling really hard with this :slight_smile:

If you want URLs like

instead of

you will need to add this to config.toml:

uglyurls = true


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Which files are not rendered?

Works fine, thank you!

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