Hugo GUI?

Anyone know of a (Windows or web) GUI that wraps Hugo, or a GUI that possibly could be configured to do so? My wife and I want to set up a new website, and of course I want to use Hugo… but there’s no way I’ll be able to get her to touch the command line… It’ll be hard enough to get her to write markdown… but I think I’d be able to convince her if there at least was a GUI that could hide most of the manual stuff.

I’ve been thinking about writing something like this myself off and on, but I have zero free time these days.

Not sure if I follow, but what kind of manual stuff do you do with the command line? I only use two commands: hugo new and hugo server. To make things easier, I’ve set up PowerShell to start in the Hugo site directory and use AutoHotKey to send the hugo server command and its parameters to the command line.

So my workflow to run Hugo is:

  1. Start PowerShell
  2. Press Windows + H to insert the Hugo server command and its options
  3. Press Enter

And to create content:

  1. Start PowerShell
  2. Type hugo new [filename]
  3. Press Enter

This can probably be simplified even further with AutoHotKey commands depending on how you organise the content.

So my point: the command line can be made much easier if you set up PowerShell and make shortcuts with a tool like AutoHotKey.

Maybe you can configure a text editor to avoid command line?
For example, in Atom you may use the command-toolbar plugin.

She will basically need just:

  1. a button to run hugo server and test the results
  2. a button to run rsync and deploy it to the server

In a similar situation I’ve been using Its a lightweight IDE and has the facility to define your own tools. So all the hugo commands and any git commands needed can become buttons that run scripts.

You should nudge @biilmann about Netlify’s upcoming CMS for static site generators:

There are other general purpose tools like that already in existence, like Content Editor by for instance:

I have made a Sublime package for Hugo. You don’t need command line to use Hugo



I’m working on a Hugo GUI written in Java to easily run Hugo without the need to remember the command line parameters. The app is a single file which starts with a click on every system which has a Java runtime installed. I’ll open source it in a few days. If you are interested… :wink:


Would something like be adaptable to work with Hugo?

DISCLAIMER: I only became aware of’s existence the other day, while reading an article about the renaissance of static site generators and haven’t looked at it at all, beyond reading the above-linked page. But I remember thinking at the time that it sounded like the kind of feature people were asking for here. [albeit prose is designed to work with Jekyll].

I made a Java gui for hugo.
Checkout the thread here:

Hi @natefinch, I am building one right now. Let me know if you are interested.

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