Hugo failing to find frontmatter

I’m seeing a weird issue with Hugo (0.69.0 and 0.69.1).

Sometimes, when I make a change anywhere in my project, Hugo fails to find the complete frontmatter for pages when it rebuilds. The change can literally be anywhere in the project – sometimes editing a Sass stylesheet will trigger this issue. And sometimes editing the stylesheet will cause it to spontaneously resolve.

I put:

<pre>{{ .Params }}</pre>

on one of the affected pages. When everything’s as it should be, the <pre> block contains all of the variables I’d expect to see there. When the problem manifests, however, only two pieces of information are available: title and iscjklanguage. title shows the correct value for the page title; iscjklanguage is false.

This occurs in a single Hugo project – I haven’t yet seen it in any of my other projects – and it’s highly intermittent. It does, however, persist across Hugo restarts, and it occurs with both serve and build modes.

Has anyone seen a similar issue and, if so, is there a permanent fix?

UPDATE: Another side-effect is that sometimes Hugo will fail to recognize the Kind of a page. So, for example, a list template will be used to render the page instead of single.

If you’ve searched the forums and didn’t find anything, and this is only in one project, you ought to share the project and let us debug it directly. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, are you messing with page bundles? Editing files, with or without the underscore?