[SOLVED] Parsing frontmatter error in Hugo 0.22

Since updating to 0.22, we have been getting this type of error on some pages:

Error: Error building site: Errors reading pages: Error: failed to parse page metadata for events/2017-zurich/speakers/alex-lichtenberger.md: Near line 5 (last key parsed ''): expected a top-level item to end with a newline, comment, or EOF, but got '+' instead for alex-lichtenberger.md

This is what the page looks like:

Website = ""
Title = "Alex Lichtenberger"
Twitter = "a_lichtenberger"
Github = ""
date = 2017-03-15T20:37:34+01:00
type = "speaker"
image = "alex-lichtenberger.jpg"


Alex Lichtenberger is a DevOps enthusiast at Pontine and constantly building bridges
between Dev, Ops and business. Alex has almost 20 years of professional experience in
various areas, starting in software engineering, then moving to operations,
project management and organizational coaching. As a passionate Agile, Lean & DevOps
blogger he recently created the community platform devops.ch.

We did a temporary revert to the TOML library we used a couple of versions ago (for performance reasons), which may be the culprit here. But this is a TOML library widely used and battle tested … I don’t see anything obviously wrong with that front matter, but you could try to wrap the date in quotes and see if that helps.

Yep. i was just trying to wrap the date in quotes (which we do in other files; somehow this one was missed). It looks like this only started to get weird in 0.22 (it was fine in 0.21).

Either way, we are good now. Thanks for the confirmation!