_index.md is visible but other pages are not recognized, building multilingual website


Need some help building my multilingual website. I love Hugo so far and esp in combination w Tailwind. I have no problem rendering multilingual homepages, but other pages (about, contact) are not even recognized by Hugo. I tried connecting them to the specific layouts in the layout folder and still, 404 page not found when trying to access them and they are not built at all. I organized my multilingual website by content directory, not by file name. Please ignore the current css look of the website, I am stuck with the structure for now!

My repo can be found here.

Hugo version etc:

hugo v0.121.2-6d5b44305eaa9d0a157946492a6f319da38de154+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=2024-01-05T12:21:15Z VendorInfo=brew

Let me know if you need any more details from me. Thank you!

Your repo doesn’t have any template that refers to about or contact page. You should be using template as detailed in the documentation.

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Thank you! I now updated the repo with the templates in the miscellaneous folder like suggested in the documentation, but perhaps I am still missing something? Because I still get ‘page not found’… Would you be so kind to check?

I am talking about the layouts in the project directory, not in the theme directory. I am not using a theme, and I think the project directory layouts override the theme directory right

You should remove disableKinds from hugo.toml here. You have disabled creation of about and other single pages as per this.

PS: Also make sure to use defaultContentLanguage in hugo.toml as per this to prevent any multilingual issues.

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Thank you so much, this worked!!

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