Hugo extended for arm64

I have one of the nvidia jetson nano computers and I’m desperately seeking hugo --extended. I’ve tried

  • apt install which gives an old version (v0.40.1)
  • snap which gives an unextended version even with the --channel option for extended
  • binary install - there is an arm64 but not extended
  • clone from github && cd hugo && go install: also no extended

I’m using the zen theme which requires extended
I’m pretty new to go && hugo

There must be a way…?

Welcome to the forums @talkingtab

Have you tried building the extended version with mage? For steps see

And keep this in mind (from the docs linked above)

Note: From Hugo 0.43 we have added a build tag, extended that adds SCSS support . This needs a C compiler installed to build. You can enable this when building by:

HUGO_BUILD_TAGS=extended mage install

I suspect you currently need to build from source. With Go >= 1.11 it’s also fairly easy to install without Mage:

go install --tags extended


go build --tags extended

You need a C/C++ build chain for the target system installed, which is the reason why we currently only brebuild it for a set of OSes (even that was a fair amount of work).

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The problem was that I did not add the
–tags extended
when I ran go install after cloning from github

Just to reiterate for any arm64 users, the best way is clone the gitub repository.

Along the way I created a Dockerfile in a gist to build hugo based on the golang alpine if anyone is interested.

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