Building Hugo Extended for ARM64

I’ve set up an EC2 server on AWS. r6g.medium using Amazon Linux 2 AMI.

On this server the regular Hugo works fine, but I need Hugo Extended for my workflow. Sadly this one is not provided, so I’m trying to build it myself.

Followed the install guide on how to compile the Hugo Extended from source: Install Hugo | Hugo

I run into this error:
tpl/internal/go_templates/texttemplate/helper.go:11:2: package io/fs is not in GOROOT (/usr/lib/golang/src/io/fs)

Searched around the forum, and the rest of the internet. Couldn’t find how to resolve it. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

go version go1.15.8 linux/arm64

You need to install go 1.16.

@jmooring How do I install a different go version? This one was installed with the sudo yum install go command? I suppose that’s the latest version available then?

Maybe look for an alternate installation method here:

Thanks. That fixed the issue.

For those running into the same issue. After manually installing go 1.16, I also needed to install gcc-c++.

In this case it was on Amazon Linux 2: sudo yum install gcc-c++

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