Extended Version for ARM

Building HUGO extended version for ARM fails with below errors…

GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm build --tags extended 

gives an error.

build cannot load no Go source files

and in ubuntu

../../go/pkg/mod/ build constraints exclude all Go files in /home/mukhtharcm/go/pkg/mod/

is there any way to fix this?
Or Is there any place I can get hugo extended for arm?

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Yours is a Support question

Also using asterisks in the topic title and H1 titles in a post is an eyesore.

Have you searched the forum for an answer?
It seems that this topic over here is relevant:

But I have already tried –tags extended.
You can look above post to see this…

You have opened a GitHub issue and you got an answer:

It’s me that opened that issue. He said to ask in forum.
Thats why I asked here…

I do not use ARM so hopefully someone else can help you.

Thanks for considering…
But I am using armhf in Linux Deploy .
So you can reproduce that tooo…

@mukhtharcm Cross compiling is more complicated especially with the C/C++ libSass

How about natively built ARM version for Ubuntu? :smiley:

See for the latest build there, right now at 0.63.2 (focal, i.e. the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04):

Also, ARM (armel, armhf, arm64) builds in Debian, now at the latest hugo 0.65.3:

Sorry, I am running ubuntu bionic on linux deploy. Thanks anyway for pointing me to this.
I am probably gonna install debian instead of Ubuntu.

I wrote blog post on how to install hugo extended on ARM

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