Hugo config output

Hi - I had the bright idea of using a git hook on checkout, to run hugo config, so that I could output that to a file, and store the output in my repo, to let me see what I changed.

However, the maps are always getting re-arranged, so it always looks like it’s updated, every commit.

Is that the expected behavior, to have the maps be sort of randomly arranged in hugo config's output?


in Go maps don’t have a defined order. They are somewhat randomly ordered
on purpose. We would need to use a different data structure (slice or
struct) to retain the order but neither maps well to a configuration.

We could sort on the print function if we wanted to though. That would keep
things consistent.

Thanks, @spf13. If it’s not a major pain, shall I make a feature request for it in the repo? I think it’s useful for troubleshooting.

There is an issue there somewhere about this.