Hugo Build System on AWS Lambda

This library looks pretty cool that was posted on Hacker News today. (I’m unaffiliated)

Give the post a little bump on HN too.

That does look pretty cool. I was just looking at AWS Lambda for something unrelated, but this seems like a perfect application of using temporary compute resources.

This looks really cool … but, and this may sideway the thread a bit, but – do someone have any recommendation for a good priced Linux host for doing these kinds of Git hooks, but also some other simple crontab activities? Very low bandwith and cpu, but would be on 24/7.

@bjornerik we’ve used all these with success:

Or even webfaction, which is shared hosting, but you can do cron and access via ssh.

All of these have had good performance, reliability and support.

@bep I use Linode for production / mission critical services, but for this sort of thing, a 128MB RAM OpenVZ VPS from RamNode would work well, and it’s only $15/year (i.e. $1.25/month). They have a location in the Netherlands, which would probably have the best ping times to Norway.

The performance is impressive for such a low price and RAMNode consistently wins the #1 spot in the LowEndBox polls.


@dhersam thanks for the tip. Good to know.

Thanks. It was certainly very easy to setup. And since all the programs I want to run is Go programs, it is easy-peasy installation. From registration to first kind-of-working cron-setup: 10 minutes.

You’re welcome. And that is a fantastic feature of Go being so easy to install. I’ve been starting to use Docker to try to get that ease of deployment for other web applications. Who knows, at some point we could have Go all the way down :slight_smile: