100% Serverless AWS setup with Terraform for ~1$ cost

Hi :wave:,

i created a Terraform Module to create a AWS Setup for Hugo, including Build Step / Pipeline

:white_check_mark: 100% Infrastructure as Code
:white_check_mark: 100% Serverless architecture incl. Build pipeline
:white_check_mark: 100% SSL encrypted with SSL-Labs “A” rating
:white_check_mark: 100% HTTP/2 support
:white_check_mark: 100% IPv6 Support
:white_check_mark: Low cost Setup (~1$)

You find the Tutorial here:

High Performance Website with AWS, Hugo & Terraform

And the dummy code here:




wow, low cost setup sounds super sexy! Thanks for the tutorial!! Will check it out after I’ve master this hugo. Still have too many confusing stuffs after switching from wordpress. Super challenging, but super fun. I’ve bookmarked your page and will try it later :+1::+1: