How to run Hugo in AWS Lambda?

I want to run Hugo in AWS Lambda.
Is this possible?
If so, what would be the steps to implement?

Your question is out of scope for the support forums. Please read up on the docs for that product, and seek out expert advice in its support channels. :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion from HUGO extended in AWS Lambda and SASS:

I see that thread was closed, so this may be a continuation of a point from there, so I’ll answer: Lambda is a function as a service provider, while Hugo is a static site generator. If they are used together, it involves additional configuration, as there is no practice or method that is common with Lambda and Hugo. It is an advanced setup.

It’s possible @Axberg was mistyping or explaining their use of Lambda in an abstract way.

It looks like you can run Hugo and CDN host static files with AWS Amplify [1], and call AWS Lambda serverless functions with the Amplify API [2].


Nope didn’t mistyped, we got Hugo to render our static files executed in from a AWS Lambda. We did it in .net but maybe checkout:

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Very interesting topic and nice reference to an excellent tutorial. Thank You!