Resources for hugo to build big sites

I need some consultation with building a big site.
Hugo v0.74.2
Server - debian 8, 12 X Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz, 20124 MiB RAM

I want to build a site with about a million posts.
I made 1 millon test posts with only title, 4 tags, 4 categories and 3 paragraphs of text.
I taken hugo-lamp theme without any changes.
But Hugo did not build content.
I saw a message: Building sites … Child process is finished, exiting… and hugo stops. No generated content.

But if I reduse quantity of posts to 150000, hugo works slowly but successfully.

I want to know can Hugo work with so many pages in general.
Or Hugo needs more resources then I have on my server.
How much resources need Hugo to build a million pages?

Thank you very much.


You may want to read this.


thank you very much, but unfortunately it is not for me
This script only generate content and do not help to build site.
I already have my generated content. Hugo can’t build html site.
I need something, to build site without overloading memory.
Render to disk option do not help, PartialCached too.
If my server is out of memory I want to know how much does it need to build 1 milloin pages.

I think we can do a bit of math here. 20Gig of memory on your server can successfully do 150k pages so I would assume a 1million would require 130.3G of memory. Once again this was just my guess and I don’t know how GoLang or Hugo works.

You should watch out for – I will follow up with the .Content part after that. The problem is, I get distracted by … life and work.

I will not promise “millions”, but the main issue I see today with lots of data is how Hugo handles memory. With the above we should get to a place where “stuff” can be shifted out of memory when needed.