Hugo builder killed


When I run the hugo command the script runs and gets killed after about 30 seconds.
Literally the output is
Building sites … Killed
with verbose output I get

Building sites … INFO 2021/02/03 18:56:49 syncing static files to /static-web/site/public/

I tried looking at the threads here, but nothing came up… memory doesnt spike about 40% so Im pretty sure it’s not that. And ideas on where to go from here?

Do you have a repo we can test ?
Difficult to guess without a crystal ball :slight_smile:

Did you tried with the flag --debug and al. ??

Ah I had hopes, --debug was a new flag for me
But it’s giving me (almost) exactly the same output.

I was thinking the same thing about the crystal ball. Anything that will give more details would be super helpful.

Do you have a repo we can test ? THIS would be super helpful :grinning:

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