Hugo 0.81.0 Released

See Hugo 0.81.0: The Smorgasbord Edition | Hugo

Spread the word.

Oh, and @klakegg – bonus points if you can pinpoint the location of the photo.


Hugo 0.81.0 packages

Brew - Hugo Brew package for macOS and Linux - updated :white_check_mark:
Snap Package - Hugo Snap (Snapcraft) package for Linux

  • traditional release - not yet updated :x:
  • extended release - not yet updated :x:

Docker/CI Image - Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration - updated :white_check_mark:
Docker Image - klakegg/hugo - Other Hugo Docker image - updated :white_check_mark:
Debian (sid) - not yet updated :x: (Track link)
Ubuntu (hirsute) - not yet updated :x: (Track link)
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM package for Fedora and CentOS - updated :white_check_mark:
Chocolatey Package - Hugo Chocolatey package for Windows

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And good for you for calling this the first release of this decade. :wink: Kudos from us annoying decades-and-centuries-start-with-“1” people.

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If I install via Homebrew, will I have access to the Mac Arm64 version? (when it becomes available on Homebrew)

I don’t know. I would check with the Brew project. But If I were you, I would do some manual work and use the binaries in the GitHub relase page for now. I have verified that they’re working on my Mac MIni M1.

Nothing short of remarkable, @bep. Obviously I haven’t been involved in the project in quite some time and am just diving back in, but wow. Just wow. Thanks much for all your hard work. Cheers!

Docker image - klakegg/hugo - Updated :white_check_mark:

This time around I’ve added support for use of rst in ext images.

As a sidenote, I found the behaviour of hugo gen autocomplete to have changed. I’m not complaining as I like the change, however I didn’t notice the change in the release note.

And regarding the photo, which is beautiful, I was first thinking of Fjærlandsfjjorden, however I think it may be Lustrafjorden. :smiley:

It is Jølstravatnet.

Re. gen autocomplete, we added support for zsh/fish/powershell …

Nice touch to use my username (and middle name) as a hint. :wink:

I noticed the added support, I just didn’t connect it with changed behaviour.

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OK, I now see that we changed to default to writing to stdout (which makes sense now that we support more than bash). I have added a note about it.

Any word on what’s taking so long with some of these? Seems unusual.

Any word on what’s taking so long with some of these? Seems unusual.

Resources like time of somebody who understands what they are doing. It’s not a simple button that you click and everything works fine. Open source lives from unpaid work and sometimes “life takes over” :wink: In this specific release a lot of extra work needs to be done for the dart-sass integration I guess.

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Fair enough. I just was comparing it to the usual time involved when new releases happen.

The “snap delay” suggests something is failing there /cc @anthonyfok – as to Brew, I don’t know …


For brew it seems related to WIP for go1.16


Hugo Brew formula updated


Loving the new enhanced attributes support. Saved me the need for two shortcodes (one for my “yellowBox” CSS, the other for my “imgCaption” CSS). Confirmed that each host I use for various Hugo repos now is successfully accessing 0.81.0, so — good to go.

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@bep Thanks for the heads up!
Yes, the Snap build is failing because of this:

Failed to run '/build/hugo/parts/pygments/install/usr/bin/python3 -m pip list': Exited with code 1.

I tried building with Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) instead of 16.04 (xenial), and this error goes away, but fails later, probably because the snapcraft.yml format is too old.

So yes, the strange python3 -m pip list aside, our snapcraft.yml is due for a rehaul, though I have just started a new job and pretty busy at the moment. Hope I’ll find some time next week to start upgrading our snapcraft.yaml to their new v2 infrastructure.


And great news …