Hugo 0.56.1 - Post being rendered in both languages

Right now I have posts in English and Portuguese. English is the default language in config.toml.

I upgraded to 56.1 and the content in PT is being rendered in both languages. EN posts are just rendered in english.

I’m separating the content using and and in my code I am listing posts like this:

{{ range (.Paginate (where (where .Data.Pages "Section" "!=" "instagram") ".Params.options.unlisted" false) 9).Pages }}
	{{ .Render "summary" }}
{{ end }}

Should this be an issue on github, or am I missing some new setting?

I would say that’s a bug. There was nothing changed in i18n. Are you sure it’s a recent bug?

I compared the result with the current website in production, and the posts only render in one Language each. So yes, it’s recent.

I’m a little bit suprised as we have gazillion tests for this and I did a diff of the Kubernetes site which has … plenty of languages.

I will check.

So, I checked and we do have many green tests for this. @brunoamaral could you somehow share your site source with me?

@bep It’s a pretty large source code, I’ve slimmed it down a bit:

git clone --depth 1;

It’s using git lfs, so if it doesn’t build properly, you need to run git lfs pull.

The post titled “viaverde” should only show up in Portuguese, for example.

OK; thanks.

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Filtering content:  15% (2485/16213), 1.45 GiB | 5.48 MiB/s

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I even have enough disk space on my laptop to clone your project. Let me know if you have a simpler reproduceable. Or else, I will eventually figure it out.

I’ve deleted content older than one year and still see the issue happening. Try cloning it again, it shouldn’t go over 1Gb now.

Yea, that looks better, thanks.

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OK; I found the culprit: