Multilingual site: no page reload (hugo v0.123.0)

How to reproduce

git clone -b no-page-reload
npm install
hugo server

In your browser, go to:

In your editor, edit content/en/docs/actions/ Correct the broken link and save the site. The console outputs:

Change detected, rebuilding site (#1).
2024-02-20 13:28:13.594 +0100
Source changed /docs/actions/

However, no page reload happens for the English language variant. For the German language variant, page reload works fine. In the console output, I expected to see:

Source changed /en/docs/actions/

With hugo v0.122.0, page reload for all language variants works fine.

Thanks for looking into that.

I will fix this in Multilingual translations doesn't refresh · Issue #12082 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub

I have a fix that I will release in an hour or so. Thanks for this report.

A side note:

I understand that it’s nice to have translated section names, but I suspect that you will have an easier life in Hugo if you store the translated version in bundles with the same folder structure. We will probably need to look if we can fix the “translation of permalinks” …

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