Hugo 0.22 Released!

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I’ll take it for a spin as soon as the Linux snap is updated.

Hopefully other services like Gitlab Pages, Netlify, Forestry etc will pick up on how important the 0.22 release is and update their Hugo versions soon.

I have just created an issue on Gitlab Pages about the 0.22 release.

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Amazing work. Thanks to all contributors.

Its impressive in what kind of speed new releases being published.

I really like the updated GetPage and nested Sections feature.

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Netlify is already updated (the Hugo docs is built with Netlify).

@anthonyfok I believe must push a button or something for the Snap to update itself (I will check; I think I have the notes somewhere).

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Hey! I have long been waiting for this feature. Is it possible to have different templates for different subsections like suggested here?

Hello :slightly_smiling:

Thanks to the devs for all the great work !

As usual I’ve published a rpm for 0.22 :

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You are on fire @bep, thank you!

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A note, before you start ask for it, re. permalink settings and sub sections, see

This was forgotten in Hugo 0.22, but I guess a “must” for many, so I have committed a fix for it and will release a patch release in a day or two.

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The Hugo snap has yet to be updated for Hugo v0.22 (let alone the v0.22.1 hotfix). I’ve been diving more and more into the Snapcraft community over at their forum.

Is there anything I can do to help with the snap?

Also, Docker Hugo has been updated with Hugo v0.22.1. :wink:

@anthonyfok has been “pushing that button” (he is based in Hong Kong, so the time zone may be off …). I will get the instructions from him and eventually automate it.

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Automation instructions can be found here:

I will have to do this tomorrow. We are in the process of moving Hugo to a GitHub org. and It looks like we have to do some magic re. the snap vs new GitHub account etc.



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Snap should now have the latest:

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Thank you!

If you’re not automatically updated simply run sudo snap refresh hugo

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Forestry now has support for up to v0.24. :smile:

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