Planning Hugo 0.38

I’m planning for a slightly boring and short release, with some stuff that is good to get out sooner rather than later.

I guess many will lake the “date from filename” fix.

Note that the list above still seems a little on the long side.


Date from file name is awesome.

[Slightly OT]
I spent a couple of hours reading up what is planned for the next releases and I really like assets handling, templify, virtual pages etc.

As someone else said on Github Grunt, Gulp etc are a barrier for non Dev folks. Hugo managing assets minification etc from the template will make things much easier.

I am super excited about this one. It will make my migration from Jekyll to Hugo much easier and I can keep the same filename system (that I personally like).

I saw this one:

Any news about release date? Any chance to use it now (some beta release)?

By the way! Thanks @bep for creating Hugo. I tried it for a first time 2 days ago and cannot believe how fast and powerful it is!


Monday. Don’t know the date, but it’s less than a week …

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If you want to get it sooner, Hugo is fairly easy to build from source:

Hi @bep.

Any update on this one?

Thanks a ton and have a great day :wave:

You can check the progress for v0.38 on GitHub. It’s currently scheduled for March 26, so next Monday.