Hugo 0.123 makes tags Heading-Capitalized

It seems that building my site with 0.123 (as opposed to 0.122 and prior) makes tags behave differently: the page slugs stay the same, but the titles of the lists become Capitalized As Headings.

Say, I have a tag “works in Linux”. Hugo generates a page tags/works-in-linux/index.html. With 0.122, its title would be “works in Linux”, exactly as the tag goes. With 0.123, it’s “Works In Linux”.

I’m sure it works for most users, but in some languages, the capitalization matters, and the English heading capitalization rules don’t apply. Is there a way to restore the old behavior? Is there a way to, say, only capitalize the first letter, and leave the rest alone?

Known issue. Should be addressed in the next day or so.

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Heads up. I submitted a pull request that will allow you to do this in site configuration:

capitalizeListTitles = false  # default is true

I think that’s better than reverting the behavior, allowing us address both #9793 and #12115.

I also noticed that some of my multi-word tags have U+00A0 (non-breaking space) between words instead of U+0020 (space), and it is not always consistent, i.e. I have both pages tagged “on call” (with space) and those tagged “on call” (with nbsp).

In 0.122, these two variants would be treated as the same tag, which I rather liked. In 0.123, the kind of space makes a difference, so those become two different tags. In my case, it creates a mess.

This option is now available in v0.123.3.


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