Are term capitalization rules documented somewhere?

If you display page.Taxonomies.tags with

tags: ["markdown", "CSS", "html", "sliding-window", "binary_search", "one-hit wonders", "john van der Meer"]

you get

Binary_search · CSS · Html · John Van Der Meer · Markdown · One-Hit Wonders · Sliding-Window

Are these rules documented somewhere? I don’t recall coming across this detail before in the docs.

Set capitalizeListTitles = false in your site configuration and test again.

I don’t understand the name “capitalizeListTitles”. What does “list” have to do with it?

Sorry, but I do not understand your question. Did changing this setting solve your problem?


I’m asking why it’s called capitalizeListTitles. The doc says:

Whether to capitalize automatic list titles

By “list”, I assume it means a list page, but what does that have to do with tag names? Is it because tag names are used as terms, which are list pages? If so, would this then apply to the capitaliation of all list-like pages, like home pages and section pages?

When an file is not present, Hugo creates an automatic page title for page kinds section, taxonomy, and term. Whether those titles are capitalized is controlled by the capitalizeListTitles setting in your site configuration. This will obviously have an impact with constructs such as:

{{ with .GetTerms "tags" }}
    {{ range . }}
      <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .LinkTitle }}</a>
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

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