How can I force tags to be all-lowercase?

After updating to the latest version of Hugo, I noticed that my blog’s tags are all being capitalized. Before this update, they were lowercase, as I had specified in my front matter. Is there any way I can force Hugo to keep these in all lowercase?

Hi @LorenDB and welcome on this forum

You may want to show your code / give a link to your public repo, to get quick & relevant answers

Sure, my repo is GitHub - LorenDB/ Built with Hugo because it was easy

This is a change that we shouldn’t have made. Yes, you can do this in your site configuration…

titleCaseStyle = 'none'

…but that affects how the strings.Title function behaves as well (see docs).

If you only have a few tags, create a term page for each one:

hugo new content tags/foo/

Then set the title however you’d like.

I’ll log an issue to revert this behavior.

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I think I should be able to use titleCaseStyle = 'none' in my blog without major side effects. If it causes problems, I can downgrade my Docker image to 0.122 and wait for the fix to land. Thanks!

Please tag me on that issue as @LorenDB so I can keep tabs on it :slight_smile:

I’ll add a link here.

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