Hugo 0.120.0 incorrectly rendering HTML character entities?

I’m not a front-end developer, but I use Hugo for my personal site.

I noticed when going from 0.119.0 to 0.120.0, I’m seeing raw HTML character entities in my final site that are being incorrectly rendered by the browser.

The top is 0.120.0 and the bottom is 0.119.0 (nothing else changed).

I’m not sure if this is a bug in Hugo, or my theme (PaperMod).

Just to be sure, I’ve tried upgrading to Hugo 0.120.1 and the latest PaperMod git hash, but still seeing the same error.

Can someone direct me on if this is a Hugo issue or PaperMod issue?


Yes, there was a necessary but breaking change to the delimit function in v0.120.0 and later…

The PaperMod theme is affected by this change:

See release notes:

Please raise an issue with the theme author. In the interim, you can override the layouts that use the delim function when rendering to page.

Thanks! I opened an issue

Developer fixed the issue.

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