Howto: Integrate Google Plus galleries

Even though the lib I reference supports other galleries too, Google Plus (or Picasa) is what I’ve used.

I posted this topic a while ago:

So I wanted to replace the WP galleries on my personal blog, now moved to Hugo. Since then I have done some rethinking and decided to let Google store these.

So I tried two jQuery plugins. The first one kind of didn’t work. The second is great: nanoGALLERY. The license may not fit all, but it’s free for personal use – and I guess the commercial pricing is good value, too.

My personal blog is is still in a state of “being ported”, but:

Here is a sample page with a gallery at the bottom (it’s in Norwegian, but the images are not):

EDIT in, link to my dev server was no good …

Notice the “lazy loading” - I might have to adjust that one.

So where is the how-to part of this?

These are the changes to my Hugo site to enable this:

Now I can just add gallery_id to any page and I’m good to go. Nice. (nanoGALLERY has lots of knobs to twist if you’re a knob-lover.)

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Some more pages with galleries in action: