Gallery Support

I have a site that I really want to get away from WP, but currently there are two items that stops me.

It is a fairly photo-intensive site, so:

  1. The discussion about keeping content and images together here is important:

  2. In need of a gallery function

As to two I use a WordPress plugin today.

One could argue and say that I could put these galleries on flickr or google+ and integrate via javscript/iframes/whatever – but I really like to have full control of my layout.

So a gallery feature would be nice, from the top of my head:

  • Some naming convention for placements of images under /static. One folder = one gallery
  • Some gallery configuration, global and per gallery/page/shortcode:
    • thumbnail size / format (square …)
    • number of columns

I was going to look into adding a more robust gallery solution to a theme I just built for my own site. I have my portfolio section of my site that would benefit from one…But ultimately I just went with a simple lightbox script.

This would leave one to saving two version of images and manually writing the HTML code to use lightbox, but I don’t think it’s that much work given knowledge of HTML and such.

It isn’t included on pages that don’t have the front matter defined to show it. See:

Something like that might work for you. I did want to work on an admin back-end for working with Hugo…If I do, a gallery would certainly go into the list. Though it would remain simple like this.

The thing stopping me from doing so is my limited time and need. It’s worth it for me to write some HTML and markdown over building a back-end (unless I start using Hugo with some people who don’t know HTML). Though my recent experience with Ghost (I’m surprised by Ghost and how limited it is) certainly makes me want to work on an admin back-end for Hugo more and more.

@tom Nice example, thanks.
I didn’t dare to ask such a feature, but I think that some basic gallery features would be nice.

There are some interesting comments in this discussion