How to traslate the word "Posts"?

Irie to everybody,

I realized a blog with Hugo and Ananke theme … and I’m really happy with it, but I can’t find the way to traslate in italian the word “Posts” that appear at “Recent Posts” and in the Menu.

Can somebody help me, please?

That is a theme specific question, but it seems to be easy enough.

The theme has a i18n directory for translations: gohugo-theme-ananke/i18n at master · theNewDynamic/gohugo-theme-ananke · GitHub

Add your translation in the appropriate file, and then change it in the layout of the theme to use that string. Here is an example: gohugo-theme-ananke/site-navigation.html at master · theNewDynamic/gohugo-theme-ananke · GitHub

Many thanks … now the website is translated. The problem was also that the theme directory was a submodule, that’t why it was not updating my changing. I copied the theme directory in Themes, than git command and now it works!

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