How to specify what page loads first?

I have a blog that I generate with hugo :

However I want to make a landing page first with more information about me and other things, a home page basically. It will have links, one of which will lead to this blog. So ideally I will have be a page like this :

And my lead to my actual blog. I really struggle understanding how to structure the website and how to tinker with it aside from specifying what theme I want and what config changes I can make. I want to take control over what goes into my static website, I would love for any help on this. Thank you.

@nikivi There are lots of ways to do this, including just hard coding your index.html if you want something as simple as the maximepeschard example you provided.

You can use the lazy blogger menu (see docs on creating a section menu) if you want to keep it simple and reflect source. You can range through a section called /pages at your content root and have those display as individual, root-level pages (eg, or, etc. As far as keeping your current theme and making these changes or adding options to create multiple sections and different content for the homepage, your best bet is to contact the person who created the themeā€¦