Need tutorial for homepage for blog template

I’m a newbie here with not a lot of experience. I notice trying out a lot of themes that the ‘blogroll’ is on the homepage of the site. Some templates such as landing-page just don’t have a blog. arggg. For example with several templates I’ve tried to make a with content, but it won’t display.

A google on this subject tells me I’m not the only one running into this issue. I do want a blog. But I absolutely don’t want it on the home page of my site. I want to get to it via a menu item. Is this a tall order? Is there a tutorial somewhere (I’ve looked on youtube and am starting to understand a few things) that would explain the basic steps/principles to use any blog template and make a home page?

Just override the layouts/index.html file with what you want. That is the file that controls what is displayed on the homepage.

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Have a careful check of the documentation page that talks about the precedence of templates. The home page is somewhat special but is, at the end, a page of type “list” with a kind of “home”.

It will take multiple readings of the Hugo Lookup Order page before you will begin to make sense of it all.

Normally, the home page will use the template layouts/_default/list.html but the template layouts/_default/home.html will take precedence so you can simply create that and set it to do what you want, leaving the list template as standard.

Thank you. Got it now and found a tutorial as well

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