How to Remove Sections from URLs


I’ve been playing around with redesigning my blog, and have run into an issue which I don’t know how to solve. My original content structure was like this.


Post, link, and photo are three different content types, and they each have their own permalink settings.

  • post: :slug/
  • link: :year/:month/:slug/
  • photo :year/:month/:slug/

Originally, my website design was a normal blog where the home page was the first page of my paginated posts. That worked well, but now I want to redesign my site with a static home page. The issue I’m running into now is I don’t know how to display my paginated posts like this…

Initially, I thought about moving the post, link, and photo folders into a section named “blog”.


After doing this, I could generate a list of posts at However, when I clicked on an individual post, the link structure included “/blog/post”, “/blog/link”, and “/blog/photo”.

I then tried to go in my permalink settings, and add the new blog section into the key.

  • blog/post: :slug/
  • blog/link: :year/:month/:slug/
  • blog/photo :year/:month/:slug/

This did not end up working as I expected. So my question is there anyway to have a paginated index of pages starting at, while keeping my original permalink format without the addition of “blog/post”, “blog/link”, and “blog/photo”?

Thank you so much!

Check the docs, search the forum

my sample is there